Elections in India – 2014

India, the largest Democracy in the world is now going through General Elections for the Lok Sabha.

As a practice any where in the world, political campaigning is at its fullest and attempts, either to make the image or to break the image of a person /party are being made. The result of this 5 phased elections will be declared on the 16th May 2014.

The State of Karnataka had a single phase voting on the 17th April. This time, I had my opportunity to closely see the processes involved behind Casting the Vote and Electing the Government. The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is a piece of wonder. It’s, Simple, Safe and foolproof.

The footfall of the Urban voters was, as usual, low. Most of the non voters are cynical and I choose to let them be so. However, it gave me a lot of pleasure in seeing the Happy Faces of the First Time Voters.

These Young Men and Women enter the Polling station with a lot of fear of ambiguous nature. Factors like Election sensitivity, Police, unknown procedures affect them to a large extent especially if they are on their own to the station. I think, those who accompany their parents or elder brothers or sisters must feel a bit relaxed.

Well, I had my experience of going alone to the station and hence, had decided to treat the Young and the very Elderly voters alike. Priority to Vote was given to the Senior Citizens, Physically Challenged and the ill. Same way, priority to treat went to the Young and hesitant voters. After voting successful in 3 simple steps, the faces of the first timers were worth seeing. A sense of accomplishment clearly filled them all.

Election is a very important process in Democracy and I think, poor voting is not an indicator of healthy democracy. Hence, I thought, giving a good impression during the first time will encourage the Citizens to continue voting through their lives and also teach the same to the next generations.

Compulsory and Responsible Cast of Vote holds the key to any Democracy and ensures Good Governance.

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