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A fully functional Computer at Approx Rs.3,500/- sounds difficult to believe but, it’s True.

Check the Raspberry Pi.  It’s a piece of hardware which can actually work as a full fledged Computer.  It is clocked to perform at ~700 Mhz and works on Linux as the Operating System.  With the Open Source loaded on a SD Card, possibilities of adding or programming your own custom application is limited only by the Memory available.  Good News is that, Memory Can be Extended and a Class 10 Flash Card will be most suited.

The masterpiece has already found a lot of application by innovative developers around the globe.  Though I did not come across any commercially launched products,  prototypes in Robotics, Home Surveillance, Remote access, Car Computers etc., have already been made.  3D printers are making the most use of this device.

There also is a similar product available in the market but, at a marginally more cost.  It can work close to ~1 G speed and the GPIO available on board is wider when compared to a Pi.

With such products made available targeting mostly the young developers, the day’s of big processing equipment to perform advanced computing tasks could soon see a slump.

Being a non-tech guy, I myself can see a lot of innovative application for the device.  What if Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense be coupled up with Pi?  Computer in the pocket will surely prove is worthiness.

I have witnessed a lot of technological implementations including wide spread use of Telephones, Televisions, Internet, Cell Phones, Robotics and many more.  I sure can conclude that they will all meet their competitive rivals which can create further more convenience to the end users.

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